Affordable karate classes for Your child and You

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An Inland Empire Institution

Since 1983, All American Karate School has been proudly providing high quality karate classes to individuals and families in the Inland Empire.

We offer effective self-defense programs for children from ages 3 ½ to 12 years old and for adults ages 13 and up.

We offer affordable month-to-month tuition fees and will never make you sign any long-term contract.

There’s no better time to start than now.


Classes for students of any age


Pee-Wee Classes

Our classes for 3½-4 year olds are designed to give your young one an easy introduction to karate while keeping them focused.

Kids Classes

Our classes for 5-12 year olds provide your child a healthy activity while giving them the self-confidence they need to succeed.

Adult Classes

Our classes for individuals 13 years old and up offer a more intense physical workout while teaching real world self-defense skills.

Why should you choose karate?



At All American Karate School, we focus on teaching a set curriculum of skills and forms, which are then incorporated into effective self-defense techniques. We believe that everyone should know how to defend themselves from any threat they may encounter.



Self-improvement doesn’t always come easy for most people. It takes concerted effort and dedication. We recognize that our students are on a path to better themselves and help give them the drive to get there.


While learning how to defend themselves, our students also develop the understanding that they are able to take on any challenge that presents itself. We not only teach karate, we teach skills that may help you succeed in life.



Martial arts demands a great amount of physical activity and karate is no different. It’s designed to help get you in shape and stay that way. From our forms to our sparring, we’ll get you moving and feeling great.



Our large student body means that you’re not alone as you travel along your self-defense path. We have always been a school that values support and friendship amongst our students. We believe we’re at our best when we succeed together.