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Belt Promotions

October 9-12

Belt promotions at the karate school will be held on October 9-12. Please be sure to register for your new belt as soon as you receive your gray stripe. You may not receive your belt if you do not register.

Feel free to bring family members and cameras on your promotion day to celebrate and remember the occasion forever!


Picture Day

October 19, 24, 25

Brush your hair and get that gi looking crisp and clean, our annual karate school picture day is coming up! On October 19, 24, and 25, at your normal class time, have a beautiful, karate-themed picture captured by a professional photographer. Both family and individual photos will be available to all who want their picture taken.

Even if you're not having your own picture taken, please come to your usual class time to join in on the big class photo.

Keep an eye out at the front desk for the schedule and pricing list.


Tournament Class

October 19

On Saturday, October 19, from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, we will be running a tournament class for all those who wish to get more practice and instruction for the Great Pumpkin Tournament.

The tournament class is open to and recommended for all competitors. It is free of charge to attend.


Great Pumpkin Tournament

October 20

On Sunday, October 20, we will be holding our annual Great Pumpkin Tournament at the karate school. Start preparing those katas now and join us for a day full of fun competition.

You can register for it in the tournaments section of this website. Click/tap here to go there.


Halloween Holiday

October 31

The karate school will be closed on Thursday, October 31 in celebration of Halloween. Enjoy the day off and try not to eat too much candy.

We will be open again on our regular business hours starting on Friday, November 1.


Holiday apparel orders

November 4

We will soon be accepting orders for sweatshirts. Choose from any color you wish, except black (unless you’re a Black Belt). Stock up on those Christmas presents now!

You’ll be able to place your orders at the front desk. All orders must be pre-paid before they will be placed.


Thanksgiving Holiday

November 25-30

The karate school will be closed on November 25-30 in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope that everyone enjoys their time with friends and loved ones, while also enjoying some particularly tasty Thanksgiving food.

We will be open again during our regular business hours starting on Monday, December 2.